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If you are an entrepreneur with an emerging business in Singapore, you already know that a great  innovation is not enough, it is vital to guarantee the positioning and visibility of your website. Therefore, you need a good SEO strategy for startups.

Potential investors and your future clients need to know about that innovative product or service with which you are transforming the market. 

Positioning your business and your brand as soon as possible should be a priority in your business objectives, in order to have a greater competitive advantage in your market niche.

For all these reasons, we have compiled the best SEO practices for startups in this guide. Let’s do it!

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How is SEO for startups different from traditional SEO?

Startups are characterized by their innovative business models, by operating with minimal costs and seeking rapid growth. Their financing usually comes from business angels or private investors.

In that sense, although the SEO techniques applied in startups are the same as those applied in traditional companies, the difference lies in a much more precise monitoring. Likewise, in making decisions and implementing adjustments to respond to the speed with which the company moves. Especially, because the Internet is the main showcase to make yourself known.

On-Page SEO

The starting point to optimize any website in order to position itself in the first places of Google and other search engines.

Let’s see below the essential aspects in a good SEO strategy for startups:

Discover the ideal keywords for your emerging business

Performing a good keyword research is essential to the success of your SEO strategies. This task is to understand the needs of customers and think about how they are looking for solutions on the Internet.

Although, in principle, this task has a high intuitive component, you do not have to have the extraordinary skills of Sherlock Holmes. You only need to know the characteristics of your target audience.

Fortunately, we live in the age of technology, unlike our legendary investigator. And the good news is that there are now numerous tools that allow you to do this task based on the statistics of real searches of users on the Internet.

Tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner, which is free, AHRefs or SemRush, allow you to identify the ideal words to position your startup in a specific niche. Ideally, concentrate on one or two generic words and use long-tail keywords to specify the specialty of your business, in order to attract qualified traffic.

Responsive design

Sherlock Holmes was on a mission to catch criminals. Luckily, yours is to capture a larger audience and attract potential customers, something much easier thanks to Internet penetration and the development of mobile devices.

With a responsive design, you can reach those users who prefer to navigate through their smartphones or tablets.

That is why, in SEO strategies for startups, the design of websites that adapt to any type of screen, without losing quality and that provide a fluid and intuitive user experience, cannot be missing.

Website load speed

Users want everything now. If your startup web page takes even a few seconds to load, you run the risk of visitors losing interest and leaving with the competition.

So that this does not happen to you, in addition to the review from an expert in the technical part, you can optimize the images so that they have a good resolution but that they are not so heavy as to slow down the loading of the web.

Content quality

This is when the roles are reversed, and it is the user who has the mission of evaluating the quality of its content.

Having a content marketing plan is vital in an SEO strategy for startups. That means answering users’ questions and search intent with content that adds value, not filler.

People also notice when a text is created only to please algorithms and not human beings. Remember to put that special touch to make your content fun and captivating from the first moment.

Don’t forget keyword density. Don’t overdo it, because the text will look forced. Remember to add keywords in the title, the meta description and in the Alt attribute of the cover image. Finally, remember to use  internals links.

Off-page SEO

Now that your website has been optimized, it is time to complement the SEO strategy with Off Page tasks that contribute to its positioning in search engines.

It’s time to increase relevance and authority through links from sites that have high credibility in your industry. It is important that these links look and feel natural, users and consumers do not like being spoken to in the typical language of telesales, as they feel harassed.

That is why one option is guest posting, in which you can use dofollow backlinks.

Another option to get qualified traffic is to buy links on authoritative websites in the same industry, so that their recommendation is natural.

You can sign up for directory listings related to your business area, so that users can easily find you. They are very useful, especially in local SEO strategies.

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