SEA agency in Singapore: what is it, and how can it help you?

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Has your company just taken off, and you need to give it a quick and effective boost to find clients in Singapore? A Search Engine Advertising agency will help you achieve the results you want in a very short time, it will help you give your business greater visibility, and you will be connected with very powerful clients in no time. The results will be immediate! Sounds good, right? But are you still not familiar with this concept? Do not worry. We will tell you everything about paid media and how it can help you succeed.

A SEA/SEM agency is in charge of managing all the paid internet advertising strategies. In digital marketing companies, like Arcopix, we work on campaigns on social networks (Social Ads) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns.

Paid media services for companies in Singapore (SEA/SEM)

Below, we will explain the main types of paid media campaigns that can be implemented in your business.

Facebook ads

As its name suggests, through Facebook, you can advertise and promote your business through a tool that allows you to pay for “clicks” and/or views. It is very useful to increase traffic to your business profile of this social network or even to your business website.

Instagram ads

Like Facebook, Instagram also offers this option where you can advertise a business through a video or image and reach the target audience. Audiovisual content is very important due to the relevance it has achieved in recent years.

Google Ads

Google allows you to create ads for companies or brands and position them among the first through Google Ads. A widely used resource for those who want to appear first in the Google search results.

YouTube ads

The video as the protagonist to publicize your business. It is possible to make  bumper ads: short videos that can be skipped after 6 seconds. 

LinkedIn ads

If your company is B2B, this platform is ideal because you will be able to carry out paid media campaigns focuses on the business profile that match the best for your services.

Twitter ads

Do you want your business to be advertised on Twitter? This social network offers a tool to implement paid media campaigns.

Tik Tok for Business

If you are looking for more creative and dynamic content, with Tik Tok for Businesses you will attract the younger and more active population to social networks.

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