What is semantic SEO?

Semantic SEO

One of the most common challenges for any business today is getting their customers to find them quickly through the internet. Appearing in the first results when a user makes a query is not an easy task. Therefore, to help you improve your online visibility in Singapore, we suggest that you start putting semantic SEO into practice when creating new web content.

Semantic SEO, is the type of web positioning that is related to semantics. It does not take into account the keywords, it contemplates certain topics, synonyms and contextualization of the written content. 

We must emphasize that it is not simply about selling products or services in a clear-cut way, but rather we must be able to give a response that is relevant to users, providing valuable information that is related to what you offer.

 Semantic optimization for SEO ranks


As we said, the more we help Google to interpret and understand the content of your website, the more possibilities we will have to improve your position on the Internet. These are the different techniques that we can apply:

Structure the information in an optimal way. Having all the content of your website well-structured will be essential for Google to be able to classify each page.

Do not overuse the keywords. Instead, write words that are related, or synonyms. Believing that the more times you include keywords, the better for SEO is a very common mistake. Keyword stuffing  is a reason for getting penalized by Google.

Contextualize the keywords within the content you have developed. In addition to including keywords and synonyms, among your page, there must be a contextualization and coherence with the rest of the web content.

Create a semantic link building.  Remember that the link building strategy is important for SEO in Singapore. The links that you use in your website will serve Google to give authority. Not all links have the same importance for Google, so your backlink choice is very crucial to achieve a good positioning. No one will recommend something they don’t trust, so you must create value for Google.

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Advantages of using broad semantics in SEO


Semantic SEO has numerous advantages, both for companies and for users who browse the internet. First, it allows users to be more satisfied, since they will get what they are looking for more quickly. Secondly, for companies it allows us to improve our positioning as long as we know how to apply SEO optimally, understanding the interest of customers and generating value for Google.

We will detail some advantages:

Significant improvement in your web positioning. All the factors that help to occupy the first positions in the SERPS count.

Quality of your publications. The lexical variety, a more careful and elaborate vocabulary, help to create a more professional content. This affects the perception of your business and the notoriety of your brand.

The number of users leaving your website decreases. Google, by displaying search results based on semantic SEO, will offer the user what they are looking for, so it is more likely that they will not abandon it and choose to search for other pages.

Increase in the number of visits. By being among the first positions, you will get more traffic.

Quality visits. The user who arrives at your website already knows that your content is interesting to him. Because of that, there are big possibilities that he become a real client.

As a conclusion, we can say that semantic SEO is a decisive factor to improve your search engine positioning.

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