Advantages of using Semrush in your SEO project

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If you are looking for a digital marketing tool to help you with your web ranking, Semrush is the best option without a doubt. Why? Because it makes life much easier for the SEO consultants in Singapore and around the world. Not convinced at all? Keep reading our article and discover the advantages of knowing the functionalities of this digital marketing platform.

Semrush SEO main features:

As we all know, for an SEO strategy to work, you have to take care of many details: keywords analysis, quality content creation, good link building strategy, website UX, etc. For this reason, Semrush’s SEO functions can be classified into the following 4 main blocks:

Keyword research

Keywords overview: with this tool you can get precise metrics for any keyword that is in the platform’s database and, it is a great help to specify the main terms that must be written in your website and advertisements campaigns.

Keyword Magic Tool: This functionality shows you which are the optimal keywords to carry out a PPC or SEO campaign. How? Providing you with information on the level of competition between advertisers, the monthly volume and even the level of difficulty to position yourself above the competition in the SERPs.

Keyword Manager: It may sound more like  keyword analyzer to you, since this was its previous name. You can create a keyword lists by collecting the terms that you have obtained in other Semrush tools, such as the one mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Position tracking: This tool makes our lives easier,  we are able to instantly check the position of a URL at a national or local level without having to spend so much time.

Organic Traffic Insights: Semrush takes cares of everything. It allows you to connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts in order to obtain the most complete list of keywords in the same panel

Competitors Research


Domain Overview: Do you want to know where your competitors are limping or what their strengths are? Thanks to the complete domain study you can analyze the growth trend, know the markets where the domain has more representation and identify the keywords with the most traffic, either organically or paid.

Traffic analysis: you will have the web traffic metrics of any website: number of visits, unique visitors and interaction. In addition, it allows knowing user trends and analyzing the techniques carried out by other businesses to attract visitors to their website.

Organic research: With this function, you can analyze which keywords generate the most traffic and use it in your favor to position your website within the first positions of the SERPs.

Keyword gap: you can compare your main keywords with the keywords of the competitors. In this way, you can quickly identify which terms you have forgotten to integrate into your SEO strategy.

Backlinks gap: similar to the previous function, but in this case referring to external links. Thus, you will also be able to identify new opportunities to improve your link building.


Backlink Building

Backlink Analysis: Track outbound links from any domain, analyze them to find out where they come from and what their authority is, and compare your backlink strategy to the one of your competitors.

Backlink Audit: Do you have toxic links, and you don’t know it? Find out the health of all backlinks and then remove the bad ones.

Link building Tool: to facilitate the backlink building campaign, Semrush will provide a list of link opportunities that match your domain and through its management interface you can manage to get those links to your website.

Group backlink analysis: you can compare up to 200 URLs in one place.

On Page & Tech

Site Audit: Allows you to get an accurate and complete report through graphs and indications on loading speed, tags, internal linking, content problems, JS and CSS errors, traceability, etc.

Listing Management: focused on local SEO, this tool makes it easy for you to update your business data in directories. To do this, you only have to enter the business information once and Semrush takes care of adding it to Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

SEO Content Template: to create content adapted to user searches, this tool allows you to enter the keywords you want to work on and then carries out a detailed analysis of the top 10 websites that are positioned for those terms. In addition, it gives you a series of recommendations to optimize content of your website.

On-Page SEO Checker: at a single glance, you can see the UX status of each page from  your website. So you can easily know what errors you must correct or what improvements you must implement to position yourself first.

Log File Analyzer: How do search engines interact with your website? Thanks to this tool, you can identify log files and identify activity levels in both the desktop and mobile versions. Thus, you can understand exactly how the robots crawl your website.

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