Types of Google Ads Campaigns to succeed with your
e-commerce website

Google Ads is a platform in specializing on online advertising. Since it was launched back in 2000 under the name of Google Adwords, its growth has been exponential.

More and more users rely on it to promote their products or services online.

One of the great advantages of Google Ads is the various advertising formats that it offer to their users. Meaning that your target audience can be reached wherever they are.

On this article, you will find the main 4 types of Google Ads campaigns that we to explode the sales in your e-commerce website.

Search Campaigns


Search campaigns mean placing ads in text format, these ads will appear when the user performs a search on Google.

These type of Google Ads campaigns allow you to select which keywords used in searches will trigger your ads. In this way, we can be sure that our advertising message will only reach those users who are specifically looking for your product.

In addition, this type of campaign offers the option of further segmenting the users who are impacted. We will be able to define the location of your target audience, for example, a specific a country, city or even zip code. We also have the option to choose the campaign language, to ensure that reach users who understand your message.

Arcopix can build your own audience from the information that Google has about its users.

Display campaigns


Display campaigns are those in which the banner ads are shown on those web pages that belong to Google’s inventory. Currently, more than 3,000,000 websites are included, so the reach of this type of campaign is really huge.

The key to this campaign is in its segmentation. Poor segmentation can cause you to allocate resources to the wrong audience or not reach the right users for your product.

Additional to the segmentation options offered in search campaigns (location, language, audience), display campaigns allow very relevant and specific segmentation alternatives. You can decide the demographic profile of your target audience, like gender, age or parental status. It can also be segmented by keywords, so that your ads are displayed on websites related to your product.

Another interesting option with the display campaign is being able to select your related niche.

You can even choose which specific websites you want your ads to appear on.

Shopping campaigns


Shopping campaigns are the best for advertising products from an e-commerce website.

Like the search campaigns in that the ad is triggered from a Google search from the user. However, Shopping campaigns do not show a text ad, but a product page. In this ad, the user can quickly and easily see relevant information about the product he was looking for, such as its image, price, description, sizes…

Those people who were interested in a specific product can click on the ad to be directed to the advertised website to complete the purchase process.

Video Campaigns


Video campaigns, as the name suggests, allow you to display advertising in video format on YouTube and other websites. Meaning, these campaigns will show your ads in search results or YouTube videos, as well as in video partners of the Google Display Network.

In this case, as was also the case with Display campaigns, segmentation plays a fundamental role in reaching the right audience.

The targeting options are actually very similar to what we’ve seen for display campaigns. You can segment by location, language, demographic group, custom audiences…


What campaign should you use for your e-commerce business?


As you have seen, Google Ads offers a very wide list of possibilities to create your advertising campaigns. It is not only about the different types of campaign, but each one of them provides many options to reach your ideal audience and encourage them to  purchase your products.

However, all of these options come with a complexity that could backfire on you. Wrongly managed campaigns can be a major source of loss of resources for your company.

That is why the best option for the creation and optimization of a Google Ads campaign is to trust a specialized PPC agency.

At Arcopix we have a team specialized in Google Ads that focus on getting the best results in our clients’ campaigns.

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