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Google Ads for e-commerce sites is one of the most effective ways to generate online revenue. We are the best PPC agency in HK. 


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Google Ads management for eCommerce?

Google Ads has become an essential tool for all types of online businesses, but if there is a market niche in which SEM is especially effective, that will be for ecommerce websites.

To be successful in your SEM campaign, you must carry out an extensive research of the market you are targeting and from there start planning your PPC campaign.

At Arcopix Hong Kong our main objective is to attract highly qualified traffic to your ecommerce website, in such way that we can maximize your return on investment (ROI). We use all the essential tools that both Google and other companies offer us in order to carry out an optimal development of the implemented PPC strategies.

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Google Ads management for eCommerce with Arcopix

We will upload all your inventory to Google Shopping: We give you the feed optimization guidelines in order to obtain the best performance.

We focus on ROI: We do not only focus on CPA (average cost per action), but we also analyze the value of sales and the margin by product category. Not only that, but we measure all conversions, whether from your website direct traffic or from the Google Ads campaign.


Each one of the members of our team has extensive experience in the Digital Marketing and Ecommerce sector. We have been optimizing Google Ads accounts focused on conversion since 2012.

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Reach New Prospects | Drive More Visitors | Build Brand Awareness

Why to choose our PPC agency in Hong Kong?

Our PPC Management Technology for E-commerce businesses in HK

At Arcopix we use an advanced technology that enables us to manage complex, broad-scope Ads campaigns

  • Automated parameters based on client ROAS (return on ad spend) goals
  • Keyword bid, device bid, location bid and more customized factors
  • Our algorithmic technology is one of the best in the Google Ads management industry
  • Monthly reports that enable our team to make improvements based on data
  • Affordable Google Display services 
  • Bidding strategy: manual, our team will individually take care of each client Ads bids
  • Custom display advertising strategy and management
  • Geo-targeting for multi-region
  • Target Ads by location, audience, keywords, and demographics
  • Ads optimization by  schedule/location/device/topics
  • A/B testing

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